Time to redefine masculinity?

Dear Men,

It all began from home once when you saw your family with drooped shoulders as you welcomed your
baby sister into the world – because she was “not very fair”, when she was told she couldn’t ride a bike as you boasted of your new ride in your neighborhood, when you were taught to be aggressive and not hold back when another kid from the block dares to punch you – but not to shed a tear, EVER!

The stories you heard and the movies you saw taught you that objectifying women as things is
completely natural – “You are the best thing I have ever laid my eyes upon and I won’t let you away from my sight.”

Probably every billboard taught you women need to be flawless for “your consumption” and you need to be rugged – dare you look “feminine” for that’s an insult to your manhood.

When a classmate was labeled an opportunist just because she scored better and snubbed the advances
of your hormonally-charged friends, you really wanted to help but didn’t know what to do – because it was “none of your business”.

Maybe it should have been.

In your first job, you were the stud of every meeting and your partner in most of your projects was a
“sweetie”who supported your expertise!

Something really shrunk in your chest, maybe it was your pride … you realized you can burst this bubble – of conditioning!

Then on, whenever your “friends” called you a girl to provoke you and you proudly wore that label,
asking what makes “girl” an insult, you really grew up.

When your friends labeled a book lover as gay for not being “athletic” enough & you stood up not only
for him but for the respect that each sexual orientation deserves, you redefined masculinity.

The world needs you – it needs you to use the “voice” you have to stand up against the gender bias –
start from your friend circle, as you may already have. Expand the circle, talk about why there has to be
an “ideal” shape to human form, what power really means and why men have to beat themselves up for
earning lesser than women.


Thank you!

Roshni Vijay

“Make your own sunshine” Roshni is a creative writer who enjoys reading between the lines & writing about it. Human behavior is most absurd yet interesting, she feels, hence the posts that you’ll read here. Enjoy & share your comments.

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