Rain – It’s the drops of moments that I hide in a rose

I love the rain

A downpour of love on the ground of my heart,

Your touch feels so pure and warm.

It’s the drops of moments that I hide in a rose,

Like droplets of rain caught in dew…

I like the smell of the mud in rain,

Feels like you have just stolen my pain…

The thunders are answers to our kiss in rain

And my heart skips a beat or two…

I look doe eyed in to your eyes to see myself being held,

Whenever you say you love me too, you take my breath away…

Rain, thunders, clouds n all, it’s you and your thought that makes my happiness drizzle…and make me love the rain…

Arpita Patel

Arpita is a writer by passion and a wandering soul who loves to live every day life to the fullest. Her scribbles reflect her inner side and experiences. Hope you enjoy the writings of this muddled utopian.

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