Easy Eco-Friendly Choices to Start With

Going green by making eco-friendly choices aren’t as difficult as you think. We can understand how we
are affecting the environment for the worse and make lifestyle changes, one step at a time.
Imagine living green for an entire year. We would reduce our carbon footprint considerably and may
also inspire others in our circle and vicinity to take conscious steps.

Here are few of the many ways we can adopt with easy. Take your pick and share more in the comments
(1) Your computer may go to sleep but is still sucking up power. Turn it off when not in use.

(2) Cancel your newspaper subscription and read up news online.

(3) File your taxes electronically and pay your bills online, too. Unsubscribe from newsletters that
are hardcopies.

(4) Consider carrying your own mug to a coffee or tea shop. They wouldn’t complain, we promise.

(5) Extra weight in our car decreases fuel efficiency. Cut down on the junk.

(6) Wear an extra sweater before you choose to crank up the thermostat to a scorching level. Also,
don’t heat or cool an empty home.

(7) Make it a habit to carry a reusable water bottle during travel and otherwise as well.

(8) Ever heard of bamboo toothbrushes. Considering we replace our toothbrushes every month or
two, go the bamboo way and cut down on the plastic waste.

(9) Take the stairs – okay! Once in a day and see the difference in energy levels plus you save on

(10) Hang clothes on a clothesline to dry unless there’s no sun.

(11) Use leftover bath water to water plants.

(12) Try to combine multiple errands in one trip.

(13) Donate. Donate. Donate.

(14) Print out documents only when absolutely necessary.

Roshni Vijay

“Make your own sunshine” Roshni is a creative writer who enjoys reading between the lines & writing about it. Human behavior is most absurd yet interesting, she feels, hence the posts that you’ll read here. Enjoy & share your comments.

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