What does your “coffee type” say about your personality?

When coffee becomes a “soothsayer” – What does your “coffee type” say about your

I drink a variety of different coffees depending upon my mood. I am a big fan of cappuccinos
and some evenings I also sip on Frappuccino. I survive on Espresso shots when challenged to
stay awake and prefer a latte when hanging out with the friend. But I never knew that the cup of
coffee in your hand doesn’t only give that happy kick, but also tells your personality type. As a
new book named “The You Code”, the caffeine preferences of a person has a direct correlation to his/her personality.

So when I asked the “Coffee Soothsayer” to predict the personalities of coffee drinkers, below
are the results I got:

Black Coffee Drinker
A leader, who does not like to follow. Very clear about their likes and dislikes. A control freak
who stays away from conflicts. An honest, quiet and direct personality who is a hard worker and
a minimalist.

Espresso lovers
More ambitious than black coffee drinkers, who have low tolerance for imperfections and
failures. They always follow the clock to the tick and know what they want. They make a very
loyal and reliable friend/partner.

Cappuccino Fans
Attention to detail is the main trait of cappuccino fans. They are very artistic and creative.
Cappuccino drinkers prefer precision and are mostly introverts are very imaginative.

Latte Drinkers
A latte drinker is someone who is afraid to try new things and loves to follow trends. A youthful
person who is friendly and always on the lookout to please others. Latte drinkers always focus on
appearance and aesthetics.

Frozen Blended Coffee/Frappuccino lovers
A free bird who lives life as it comes and a big fan of enjoys desserts and sweets. Frappuccino
lovers are materialistic folks who love to indulge and take chances.

Decaf Coffee fans

Light hearted, lively souls who can be uptight sometimes. Decaf lovers tend to stay away from
confrontations and wants to make the best out of their life. These coffee fans generally carry a
simple and mild personalities.

So go grab your favorite cup of coffee now, because coffee is always a good idea. Cheers!!

Arpita Patel

Arpita is a writer by passion and a wandering soul who loves to live every day life to the fullest. Her scribbles reflect her inner side and experiences. Hope you enjoy the writings of this muddled utopian.

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