4 Things to do Early Morning for a Happier You

With the world getting busier and technology reigning all aspects of our life today, from talking in
person to the leisure of reading out of a book, it has become all the more essential to make time during
the day.

Here are a few practices we can make a habit of to live more and better:

Get moving: Yes, we all know the struggle of waking up early to get ready for work. But it will do us real
good to get out of the comforter and move. It doesn’t need to be gym time, but rather anything that
wakes up the brain cells and beats lethargy—from a brisk walk to gardening.

Listen to or read good content: Positive is the way to be! Don’t let your mind wander off to things to be
accomplished at work or the repair work over the weekend. Instead, read or hear content that inspires
you or imparts learning at some level. Remember, getting up in the wee hours of the morning to study
for exams? If its music that does it for you, then so be it. Turn on the radio.

One step at a time toward a longer term goal: Morning is the time when we are away from pollution,
traffic and technology, which is what makes it best to focus. Try to use the time to work on a long-term
goal, whether it is learning new languages, opening up a new business or a bookshelf that you have
been trying to build. Go one step at a time and you will start the day happier with yourself.

Don’t force yourself to sleep: Remember those nippy days when if we wake up early, we tend to take a
peek at the clock and get back into the covers? That leads to either of the two things, oversleeping or
waking up with a headache. Let’s beat the habit and get up if our body seems well-rested. You know
your body best. If you feel rested, just sit on the porch to see the sunrise and have a warm glass of
water, listening to the sounds of nature. You will thank yourself!

Roshni Vijay

“Make your own sunshine” Roshni is a creative writer who enjoys reading between the lines & writing about it. Human behavior is most absurd yet interesting, she feels, hence the posts that you’ll read here. Enjoy & share your comments.

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