10 Simple Mantras to Repeat to Your Own Self

We all feel a little low sometimes, whether the reason is a demanding day at work, a strained relationship, high expectations from ourselves or others, or any other irritant. Before we know what we are going through, our productivity goes for a nosedive. This further depreciates our oh-so-fragile sense of worth. Sounds familiar? Here is what we already know but need to reflect upon every once in a while to ourselves. Mind over matter!

If not now, when?

If not me, who?

If I don’t whine about the good things, I will not allow myself to feel like a victim in trying times.

I will simplify things and avoid overthinking.

I will start with what is necessary and win half the battle.

I can’t control the actions of others. I can only work on mine.

I will observe but not judge.

I am a work in progress. I will not be hard on myself.

I will not give up. I lose only if I stop trying.

I will cross the bridge when I get there (This one is a personal favorite, which my dad tells me often!)

When it comes to being productive and efficient, it’s really important to be happy, which may or may not come naturally to us. It needs to be our commitment to ourselves to be willing to make efforts.

Today is the time to begin! Before you do, I would like to remind you that you are a masterpiece and a work in progress, both at the same time. Embrace the journey and get going!


Roshni Vijay

“Make your own sunshine” Roshni is a creative writer who enjoys reading between the lines & writing about it. Human behavior is most absurd yet interesting, she feels, hence the posts that you’ll read here. Enjoy & share your comments.

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